At Netlink Technology, Internet security is at the top of our priority list for all our clients, but what about the rest of the tech industry? Every single company out there that connects us, that holds information, from Twitter to Microsoft has a responsibility to its customers.

Meta, who own WhatsApp, have recently stated that they will not lower the security of their messaging service.  The UK government wants to be able to detect child-abuse images and one of the possible ways is through scanning private messages as part of their Online Safety Bill.  The NSPCC have said that direct messaging is the front line of child abuse and is not happy with WhatsApp’s position on it.  

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption meaning that only the recipient of the message can decrypt the message.  The government want to be able to find child abuse related images being sent through messaging, whilst at the same time respecting the users privacy.

It is hoped that some kind of middle ground can be reached to ensure children’s safety without taking away everyone’s privacy.

So what is the middle ground, what is the answer to this flaw in the system? Any ideas?