Cyber Security

With cyber-attacks more frequent, we’re here to help reduce the risks.

With cyber-attacks becoming ever more frequent and sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to reduce the risks to your business.

Whether you are looking for assistance with building and implementing the right processes and technology, or are looking for assistance with accreditation, our consultants are here to assess, implement and manage advanced and evolving security solutions, tailored to the needs of your business.

Identity & Access Management

Security starts with user authentication.  Combine strong security with streamlined user experience to protect user identities and data access:

  • Roll-out of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 
  • Enabling single-sign on (SSO) for all staff to centrally manage access access
  • Design and implement Conditional Access policies 
  • Secure legacy protocols access
  • Define and implement suitable user access controls to lock down permissions 

Gain visibility and regain control over data across your cloud services and applications:

  • Set up monitoring and alerts for application usage
  • Be alerted to organisational data moving in and out of third-party services, such as Dropbox, or external e-mail services
  • Apply security policies to classify and control your data across all your cloud applications
  • Detect unusual behaviour patterns across cloud appliations to identify security risks

Protect your business against advanced threats and ensure quick remediation with advanced post-breach solutions:

  • Automatically detect threats and suspicious activity across your entire network infrastructure
  • Endpoint monitoring, detection and quarantine for investigation
  • Immediate removal of known threats from all impacted devices
  • Advanced email protection; protect against phishing attacks and zero-day threats 
  • Detect and remove ransomware
  • Deliver attack simulations and run reports to train staff within the business

Move to a self-protecting data model so that sensitive data is secure wherever it resides or travels:

  • Centralise data security policies with pre-configured rulesets
  • Automatically label and protect potentially sensitive information, such as financial information
  • Quickly change and implement user access rules

If you would like more information on how to protect your business, contact us today, where one of our consultants will be more than happy to assist.