At Netlink, it’s our job to keep up to date with the latest IT news and developments to bring our very best level of service, ideas and ingenuity to our clients. Something we are really keeping our eyes on right now is a new 20 million dollar investment, spearheaded by the legend that is, Bill Gates!

In an ever warmer climate where IT is so vital to everyone from homework to video games, small and large business owners. Something they all have in common? Heat!! 

One of Bill Gates funds is leading development in a new type of Aircon which it is hoped will cut the carbon impact aircon has on the planet currently.  The aircon from Blue Frontier bases its approach on removing moisture from the air and trying to only use electricity when it is cheaper or from a renewable source. The company claims that this will cut carbon emissions by up to 85%.  Aircon is currently thought to take up around 4% of current carbon emissions in the world and with the world getting warmer more and more people and companies getting aircon to help keep cool, it’s causing a nasty cycle. Hopefully this new technology will help keep our tech AND  our planet cooler.

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