Hackers have created a fake new site designed to harvest data from Australian
government workers, journalists and other users. The website used articles from
BBC News and when users visited them, malware was installed on their devices.
Proofpoint, a top US security company, believes the hackers were most likely linked
to the Chinese government.

Proofpoint said the hacking group was “a China-based, espionage-motivated threat
actor that has been active since 2013, targeting a variety of organisations in
response to political events in the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on the South
China Sea.”

Users’ devices were infected with a tool called Scanbox which checks their usage
including profiles and websites visited. Proofpoint has also advised “anyone who
has a sensitive role within their professional employment, even if they’re dealing with
things such as engineering, things that might not seem like state secrets… the reality
is China sees them as secrets and as important espionage information.” Adding that
it is important users ensure their browsers are up to date and that their antivirus is
turned on.

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