Fashion site Shein has been fined a whopping £1.69m over its handling of a data breach. Its parent company Zoetop was targeted by hackers in 2018 and approximately 39 million customer login details were stolen. New York Attorney general Letitia James said the company had lied about the extent of the breach and had only let a small amount of the customers know about the stolen data.

Shien has now said they have taken steps to improve its cyber security.  At the time of the breach Zoetop told customers that there was “no evidence” credit card information had been stolen, when in fact they had.  

Shein has become a popular online shopping destination for millennial and “Gen Z” customers.  In 2021 Shien jumped ahead of online retail giant Amazon on the iOS and Android App charts. An absolutely huge achievement and reflection on just how many users populate the site at any given time.

Shein said in a statement “We have fully cooperated with the New York attorney general and are pleased to have resolved this matter. Protecting our customers’ data and maintaining their trust is a top priority, especially with ongoing cyber threats posed to businesses around the world.”

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