Bosses of the messaging platform Slack have said ‘businesses should re-think the way they work’. With the rise in hybrid working, where people are splitting their time between working from home and in the office, Stewart Butterfield, Slack’s Chief Executive says the office should be used to get things done that can not be done at home and doesn’t agree with video calls and continued use of headphones inside the office environment.

Slack want to make the working environment comfortable for staff and allow them to build better relationships, face-to-face with their coworkers and have a place where they can all come together and collaborate.
Some staff do prefer to work full time in the office, due to being unable to complete the work at home or just because they prefer the ‘office’ environment. “Imagine starting a career and never being able to meet the other people face to face?” Stewart wonders.

Another thing Mr Butterfield touched on was how a lot of meetings don’t need to be meetings. He is all for Amazon’s idea, introduced by Jeff Bezos, where each attendee reads a six-page memo at the start of a meeting as a briefing note, rather than sitting through long winded PowerPoint presentations.

How do you prefer to work? Is Hybrid working for you? And do you still see the importance of going into the office?