As one of the biggest names in tech, when a software developer like Microsoft offers advice, we all had better listen up!

Microsoft has recently published an in depth analysis of a private-sector offensive ‘actor’ they have named Knotweed. They, along with so many other groups, have been found to target certain Windows and Adobe exploits against European and American customers.  The group, based in Austria, looks totally above board, with a serious and professional looking website when in fact they are “Cyber Mercenaries”  using malware to gather information from other companies. We all know about malware and computer viruses, but how many of us have fallen for the innocent looking link? A file share from a seemingly respected establishment? In the case of ‘Knotweed’ malware is installed on company computers and spreads from there at an alarming rate.  Microsoft is working to prevent infection but strongly urge companies to keep systems up to date and have good system monitoring in place.

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