A survey by network providers has revealed a total lack of preparation, amongst small and medium sized enterprises, for remote workers ahead of the end of analogue copper services from Openreach/BT.  A huge amount of small businesses have struggled dealing with Covid over the last couple of years. A new problem ahead is Openreach/BT’s switch from analogue and ISDN services over to digital.  Following trials by Openreach it was discovered that people that had anything connected to a phone line such as personal alarms or home security would have to check with their supplier if they would work with the new digital network.

This would mean that older telephones that are powered by the exchange, would cease to work in case of a power cut and would mean that another form of communication would be needed to replace a normal home telephone. Other devices that could be affected by the switch over include dial up services, fax machines and building management services. All things vital to any modern business.  This means that it is more important than ever that all businesses have a plan in place to be able to continue to function once the full switch to digital fibre has been made.

Netlink Technology have been working with digital communication for over 13 years, and can work with your business to ensure all your services are compatible, and assist with the migration over to digital. Click here to for more information on our telephony solutions, or contact us today for a free consultation.