When you think about all things technology, you often picture things being ahead of their time, looking to future possibilities but does that cover all aspects of such a wide field?

The UN has elected the very first woman to be secretary general of the International Telecommunication Union.  The ITU is known as the main technology agency within the United Nations. Doreen Bogdan-Martin will make history and succeed Houlin Zhao, who has been in the role since 2014.

The ITU is the oldest UN agency and is responsible for many parts of international communication, these include assigning satellite orbits globally as well as improving infrastructure in the developing world.

“Whether it’s today’s children or our children’s children, we need to provide them with a strong and stable foundation for growth,” Ms Bogdan-Martin said following her win.

“The world is facing significant challenges – escalating conflicts, a climate crisis, food security, gender inequalities, and 2.7 billion people with no access to the internet.”

We will be sure to follow Ms Bogdan-Martin’s journey and see what changes to our ever growing technical world happen.