Case Studies

Some recent examples of our work.

Centralised WiFi Solution


The Challenge

The client, a local community centre, were getting frequent requests to provide Wireless Internet Connectivity to users of the centre.  They had Fibre Broadband installed in their primary building, but wanted to provide a strong, reliable wireless service across both buildings.

With the two listed buildings situated across the road from each other, there would be no option to install cabling between the two buildings, and permission to mount anything on the external walls of either building would be denied. 

The Solution

As the two buildings had line of sight, we configured and installed an Ubiquiti AirMax Wireless Bridge Solution, which we were able to mount on the roof of each building, allowing us to install the equipment without affecting the buildings listed status.

With the wireless bridge installed, we then installed multiple Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points throughout both buildings, providing Full Wireless Signal for all rooms within the community centre.

The Ubiquiti Wireless System allowed the network to be centrally managed, providing one Wireless Network SSID across both sites, allowing both centre staff and the public to connect to one wireless network, without having to change network depending which room or building they were in.

VLANs were configured on the network switches and wireless infrastructure allowing the centre staff to connect to their services using a secure private wireless network, whilst providing a separate public guest wireless network, to provide centre users with free internet access.

The Result

Following the installation of the Wireless Network, the centre team were delighted with the feedback they received from the centre users in relation to the speed of the Wireless Internet Connectivity.  

Due to the Wireless Signal for the Public Guest Wireless Network being so strong, Children were often cycling to the centre on an evening and connecting to the WiFi network to use the fast download speeds available.  To help with this, we implemented automated schedules to disable the Guest Wireless Network outside of core hours.