We all know that our world is forever progressing further and further into the world of virtual reality, with servers, personal data and getting ahead with the latest online platforms.

Nearly £1.75bn has been spent on virtual land in the Metaverse by companies and individual users over the last 12 months. Users are hoping to get a headstart on the platform before it becomes more mainstream.  The public’s everyday use of the metaverse is years away due to the platform using virtual reality that is still used by a relatively small part of the population.  One of the most popular worlds in the Metaverse is called Decentraland which launched in 2020, areas of virtual land are selling for thousands and sometimes millions of dollars, companies like Samsung have bought areas where they set up shops and visitor centres.  

Data shows that users might be visiting and buying land but at the moment they aren’t sticking around for long, it will be a while before we see if these early investments will pay off.