It has been reported that plans for the new internet safety laws have now been put on hold until a new PM is put in place in the Autumn. The new online safety bill aims to lay down rules in law about how platforms should deal with harmful content. It had been in its final stages and was to be discussed in Parliament next week, but will now be paused until MPs return from their summer break! Surely, a bill to make the internet a safer place for all is incredibly important, particularly when it comes to the cyber security of your business.

The bill’s aims are to:

  • prevent the spread of illegal content and activity such as images of child abuse, terrorist material and hate crimes, including racist abuse
  • protect children from harmful material
  • protect adults from legal – but harmful – content

So how do you best protect your business from the spread of materials and illegal content? 

At Netlink Technology we strive to ensure your business is protected against advanced threats and ensure quick remediation with advanced post-breach solutions.

  • Content Based Web Filtering for Office and/or Remote Users
  • Automatically detect threats and suspicious activity across your entire network infrastructure
  • Endpoint monitoring, detection and quarantine for investigation
  • Immediate removal of known threats from all impacted devices
  • Advanced email protection; protect against phishing attacks and zero-day threats 
  • Detect and remove ransomware
  • Deliver attack simulations and run reports to train staff within the business

Let us help protect your business with evolving security solutions, tailored to the needs of your business. Contact us today for more information.